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I always bought fresh herbs at the grocery store. When you added up the cost over a year I was amazed at how much I was spending. Now I raise my herbs in clay pots that I keep on the patio and the cost is 1/10 of what I spent last year. I was surprised at how easy it was t grow the herbs. I just make sure they get enough sunlight and sufficient water and they just keep growing. I am glad I was able to find The Herb Garden Guide because it made the whole process so easy

Dottie Morgan-Carlsbad CA

Every one of my friends call me a foodie. I love to eat and the addition of fresh herbs to salads and recipes has always been one of my favorite ways to make a average meal memorable. My husband and I have a small garden out back and up till last year we only raised vegetables. Herbs seem too exotic to raise but The Practical Herb Garden Information Guide is just that. It takes all the mystery out of of the whole process. The cookbook has provided us with some great meals and our guests are always raving about the food we put on the table. Go Herb!

Sarah Olson-New Jersey

The addition of herbs to my meals have made such a difference. Average salads now are spectacular. I wanted to grow basil so I could make pasto. Pesto pasta is one of my favorite meals. "The Practical Herb Garden Information Guide" was very clear and concise and now I have a jungle of basil. If you do it right it really grows like a weed. I will have pesto for months. The cookbook is great and I added it to my collection and I love the new page that I download each month

Kiley-Glassboro NJ

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