Member Resources

This is the portal to the members only area of our website.  If you purchased THE PRACTICAL HERB GARDEN INFORMATION GUIDE You Received as user name and password and now you can access the private pages by signing in on the MEMBERS ONLY AREA log-in form that will appear in the right sidebar once you click on the access link below.  Each month additional material is added to each page.


RECIPE PAGES: On the first of each month an additional page for your original purchase is added to your queue.  Instructions as to where to insert the page are included with the download.

TIPS: This section contains herb tips, cooking techniques and videos of recipe preparation that is only available to members of the MEMBERS ONLY program.  Go to this page and download the page, print it out and add it to your original Ebook.  Each month additional information is added for your enjoyment.

SPECIALTY COOKBOOK: Every 12 months we add a down-loadable specialty cookbook. Your membership entitles you to access to these cookbooks at no additional charge.  The first cookbook available for immediate download to members is the PESTO COOKBOOK, which is ideal for those of you that have a bumper crop of basil in your garden.