Herbs From Packaged Kits

Using Herb Garden Kits

Herb Garden Kits-Why you should consider using Herb Garden Kits.

ADVANTAGES: My first experience with growing herbs was from a kit.  There are many herb garden kits available on the internet and there is a distinct advantage to growing your first batch of herbs this way.  First of all, it is a consistent environment for the new herb plants to establish themselves.  Secondly, it provides all the necessary items you are going to need without the hassle of going from garden center to garden center trying to locate everything yourself. And thirdly, it will give you fresh herbs during the winter growing season which you can keep right in the kitchen. How convenient! It is a great way to get your “feet wet” with the whole fresh herb endeavor.

TYPES OF KITS: There are different levels of herb kits.  The most basic is just a few pots, seeds, planting media and some instructions.  You can find them on the Internet for a little as $12.95.  On the other end of the price spectrum is a complete hydroponic growing setup and it has a built in “grow light” that will assure your plants get adequate light for the ideal growing conditions.  These units start at about $50.00 and go all the way to $150.00 for the deluxe units.  The price difference is basically for the sixe of the unit that you want.  The bigger the capacity of the unit, the higher the eventual price you should expect to pay.  I have used the smaller Aero Garden unit in my home during the winter and it is very efficient and I have always had very good results.  These hydroponic units provide a wide variety of herb seed kits.

Herb Garden Kits-You can grow just about any herb

TYPES OF HERBS YOU CAN GROW: Depending on your taste you can grow Italian herbs, German herbs, herbs for herbal teas, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and herbs for potpourri assortments.  This is just a small listing of the many varieties of herbs that are available.  You should start with three to four of your favorite herbs and as you gain confidence you can expand the variety of herbs that you grow indoors.

HOW TO USE YOUR KIT: Most herb garden kits will provide a planting medium which will make sprouting of the herb plant much more reliable than just garden soil.  The planting medium will hold water more efficiently. It will provide the proper nutrients and allow the herb seedlings to create a solid root system.  These kits will have planting instructions and as a general rule they all provide some sort of dome to control the humidity that is necessary for consistent germination and root establishment.   If you are starting your seeds in small peat pots be sure to transplant them into larger pots to avoid them from getting pot bound.  This is a condition where the root system overwhelms the small pots and it stunts the eventual growth of the herb plant. Once the plants are established and thriving you should find a window sill that will get morning to mid-day sun and then just watch them settle in and provide you with an enjoyable assortment of fresh herbs.

WHY GROW HERBS FROM KITS: One of the primary reasons I like establishing a “winter indoor” garden of herbs is for the fresh taste they provide.  Nothing beats adding some basil, oregano, and chives to a fresh salad.  My guests are always raving about how good my salads taste compared to the ones they prepare.  Another benefit of raising your own fresh herbs is the savings to your pocketbook.  Most supermarkets carry packets of fresh herbs nowadays but they can be pricy if you use them regularly.  Those packets usually cost about $3.99 each, so the cost for just three herbs would be close to $12.00.  I find that the satisfaction of raising my own herbs outweighs any convenience of just buying them at the supermarket.
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