INTEGRATED MARKETING was formed in 1971 as a result of our involvement with various marketing efforts. The internet has allowed us extend the reach of our efforts, literally to the entire English speaking world.

Our efforts in the Herb niche market are ongoing and began in 1976 with the publication of Herbs and Spices Cookbook.  That publication was a logical extension of my involvement in herb gardening.  As the years progressed I wrote additional cookbooks and recently published The Practical Herb Garden Information Guide, which is everything you need to know knowledge base of my 40-year involvement with herb gardening. I wrote  that publication under my pen name of Herb James.  I got the nickname “Herb the herb guy” because of my middle name and it was logical to write that book using that name.
I hope you receive the gratification that I do when it comes to raising fresh herbs to use in your culinary efforts. Keep in mind may folks raise herbs for medicinal purposes as well as a flavoring element in recipes.
Good growing and good cooking, Michael H. James
CEO of Integrated Marketing Partners