Welcome to the Herb Information Site!

Welcome to the Herb Information Site. All the information you will need to know before embarking on the exciting journey into raising your own herbs, is right here.  My name is Michael James, and I want to share with you some basic information on raising your own herbs. I am so passionate about this that I am willing to share a 10-part mini-course with you for FREE. That’s right it is FREE.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about raising your own herbs, or sign up for my FREE 10-part email course in the opt-in box to the right.  You’ll receive the emails directly into your email box. There is no cost or obligation for this course and we do respect you privacy, therefore we will not sell or share your email address with anyone.

My 10-part mini-course contains information about:

o The various types of herb gardens you can plant.
o The ideal indoor and outdoor herb gardens.
o Growing culinary herbs.
o Growing medicinal herbs.
o How to winter your garden for best results for the next growing season.
o The best companion plants for various herbs
o How much light should you have for your garden.
o How much water is enough or too much for your herb garden
o Outdoor herb garden planting tips
o Harvesting your garden
Don’t delay.  Sign up now there is no obligation or cost.  It is a great way to get the information you will need to make the decision if herb gardening is right for you.

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